Tunnel Clean Up #1

Mario Hernández of AMPM Maintenance 
Personnel, which donated their much needed 
services to pressure wash our pedestrian tunnel

On Saturday September 24, 2011 Solano Elementary's PTA held it's first highway 110 pedestrian tunnel clean up  to inaugurate the larger program of improving grounds and routes to school an enriching student life.  VP for Programs, Sara Harris, organized the event as the first step in our PTA's commitment to improving the immediate environment for our children.  AMPM Maintenance Personnel generously donated their pressure washing services for the cleanup. Mario Hernández of AMPM has expressed his commitment to continuing to work with us.

SEPTA VP for Programs 
Sara Harris
Approximately 20 children collaborated to plant a garden of herbs and decorative plants in the staff parking lot at the west entrance of the tunnel with the help and direction of PTA members Paul Buckley, Yvette Grageda, Sara Harris, Mati Vera, Sergio Vera, Manuel Tavison, Amanda Harris, Barbara Lee, parent Parbin Mullah, and  community volunteer David Ramírez.
PTA President Take Tada serves
lunch to the gardening crew and 
their supporters

Winfield Lee, David Ramírez, Walter Davis, and Sergio Vera cleaned up the walkway at the east end of the tunnel.  They installed tire planters, planted bushes, painted, and made improvements to the safety of the sidewalk between the Solano ave 110 entrance, casanova street, and the community gardens. Take Tada, our PTA president, provided water and pizza for everyone in the shade structure, which he brought and erected.

More photos available at the "Safe and Green News" link.

Event Photographers Barbara
Lee and Amanda Harris

Amanda Nolacea Harris

SEPTA  Historian and Blog Administrator

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  1. Thanks for the interesting article.I went to school here years ago actually lots of years ago and its nice to read articles written by staff and students.It brings back old memories.