Solano connects to land, food, and lifecycles

A vision for community collaboration and student educational enrichment.Connecting to land, food, and life cycles with Farmworks L.A. at the Solano Canyon Community Garden:

Solano Avenue PTA is committed to offering opportunities for hands-on, inter-disciplinary, educational experiences that link classroom learning and physical education to community and civic engagement.It is in this spirit that we are planning an on-going collaboration with Farmworks L.A. at the Solano Canyon community garden. Our school has a rich history with the garden founders, and Farmworks has the programs capacity and initiative to partner with our school through the PTA. Farmworks L.A. Farmworks L.A. is a new non-profit whose mission is to provide technical training and workplace preparation to at-risk youth through engagement in agricultural activity.This collaboration has the potential for multiple levels of engagement with and entry into the farm and garden space. At the most basic, students and families can visit and learn about the urban farm as a resource in their neighborhood. In a more involved scenario, this could be a unique opportunity to provide standards-based hands-on education for Solano students in their own community, based on a curriculum that includes history and social studies (the settling and up-rooting of immigrant families in Chavez Ravine), math and economics (creating and maintaining a farmers almanac, calculating seeding and harvesting, and planning distribution of crops), and life sciences (native plant and animal life cycles, sand oil and water systems). The possibilities abound, and the incentive and experience on the part of all parties involved is great.

Farmworks L.A. has recently been designated a maintenance and resources steward of Parks and Recreation land at the Solano Canyon Community Garden which is their incubator site for projects around the city.

Sara Harris

PTA Vice President for Programs

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